Biomass Power Plant Engines Running on Ag Waste Produced Syngas.

Commercially available & proven technology. Built to industrial standards, factory tested, and can be installed in less than a week. (Customer provides concrete pad plus electrical and thermal inter-connects.) Highly efficient, advanced gasifier technology that produces extremely low levels of tar and no other pollutants. We employ dry filters for gas clean-up. It uses no water or oil scrubbers, produces no waste water & requires no waste water treatment system.


Biomass Power Plant Configuration

Fully automated, can be remotely controlled, can operate unattended. Important system functions are continuously monitored and logged. Low maintenance. Compact footprint: unlike most renewable energy systems of comparable power output. Meets EPA requirements. Reduces or eliminates "waste" disposal costs. Produces high-quality biochar byproduct.


Fuel and Thermal Conversion

Our thermal conversion process creates an ultra-clean tar free syngas. The finished syngas then fuels modified internal combustion engines and gas-fired micro-turbines. Our vendors technology provides a dependable and uninterrupted supply of sustainable, clean, base-load power and heat. We do all of this in a carbon negative zero waste footprint.

Biomass System Control Terminal

Power Monitoring Screen at Main onsite Control Room, Inside Housing Touch Screen and Remote Hand Held Personal Smartphone Access