We are Presently Developing 15MW to be in construction this year with a goal of an additonal 25MW in Development of Biomass Power Generation Facilities in California.

We are developers that bring projects from discovery to operating through obtaining site control, entitlements, PPA's, funding and EPC contracts. We secure fuel resources, environmental permits and interconnection agreements to make the projects shovel ready (NTP) and straight throught to COD.

We are always open to discuss partnering with companies that can use tax benefits, have project skills and are looking for a great return on investment. Please contact use if your company fits any one of those.

Please Text Steve Rumbaugh at (925) 917-0566; your name, company and what you are interested in partnering or developing a project site.

Mission Statement

Biomass-Power.Net Founders (Also Founder American Solar Construction LLC) Program is to Promote Renewable Resources and Environmental Stewardship that; Protects the Environment, Creates Jobs, Supports Public Health, and Increases Public Access to Clean Power. We Help Combat Global Climate Change through Generating Power from Agricultural Waste. This Lowers the Amount of Polutants from Field Burning of that Waste.

Colusa Biomass Project Development Site Picture

Biomass & Greenhouse Complex

Combined Heat and Power

Bio-Char (Bi-Product of the Biomass Process)

Walnut Shell Feed Stock Pile (Ag Waste Material for Fueling the Biomass Facility)


Biomass-Power.Net has multiple Biomass CHP (Combined Heat and Power) Site Developments underway that will use Renewable Ag Fuel Resources and Promote Environmental Stewardship. We are working with syngas technology that will provide a clean source of power.

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Being GREEN is our Goal and Please Purchase Clean Renewable Power whenever possible for your Home and Work.

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The latest:

Our Projects will Provide Clean Power to the Grid via PG&E Distribution Lines. The Power will be Purchased by Southern California Edison (SCE) and Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) through it's Biomass Power Purchase Agreement Program.

Our Clients


Roof Top Solar

30kW ac PV Solar Project Site - Near Dunnigan, CA

Increases the Substainability of the Farm Operations


Biomass-Power.Net Lodi Project Site

Biomass-Power Founders Built Multiple PV Solar Project for Sustainable Farming near Arbuckle CA

This PV Solar Project is in the heart of Northern California and its cattle and sheep grazing industry. This project will provide substainable energy and water resources for the ranch.

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